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Konkan region is home for a variety of fruits like world-renowned and considered as King of Fruits Hapus Mango which, Kaju, Karvand, Jambul (Java Plum), Phanas (Jackfruit), Kokam, Amla, Pineapple and many such plants. Our products made by processing these fresh fruits in Konkan are not a luxury but they are healthy products. From Ayurveda to Modern Medical Sciences have recommended these fruits as essential for maintaining good health. Sweets, juice, pulp, pickles and many more ...
Ruchira is not only an industry but it is a link that connects many villages, houses and small savings groups. Over a period of more than a decade, this industry has provided work to thousands of hands and overwhelmed minds. The self-respecting Ruchira Industries Group has set up its own factory in Chowke, Malvan.